Sports & Activities

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Our Belief

We at JW Harris Memorial School lay a strong emphasis on the physical and mental development of the students through sports and athletics. This is why sports activities form an important part of our sports curriculum.

Sports at JW Harris Memorial School

Sports have the ability to inculcate qualities such as leadership, tenacity, perseverance analytical thinking, and decision making in the student. Observing these multi-faceted benefits of pursuing a sport, we strongly encourage our students to indulge in sports activities.

Sport as a Learning Tool

At JW Harris we want to create students who have nerves of steel & muscles of iron, and thus we emphasize sports being a part of the school curriculum. Through sports, students can develop:

Discipline & Self-Confidence

Children should be involved in some of the other games in order to become disciplined. Physical training & exercise help students become disciplined.


The competitiveness of sports inculcates in students the quality of striving hard to win in every field of life. Willingness to work hard and showing grace under pressure are good indications of true competitive nature that a child can gain from playing sports.


Children learn qualities such as determination and grit in their games while playing with other children. Sports develop fortitude, tenacity, and perseverance in students. In order to win, a player should do hard work and keep patience while practicing. These qualities help them in achieving success later in life.

Therefore, we believe that playground lessons combined with classroom learning make a perfect leader.